Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Blue Lotus Blade Hoops

I need to get into the habit of posting more photos here to make this a more visually appealing blog. Even I have to admit that when I follow or subscribe to a blog that is related to someone's artsy or crafty work, what I mainly like is seeing pretty pictures of what they're making, so I should try harder to deliver the pretties on this blog too.

Here is the first of the teaser photos I'm hoping to post of some new pieces I've been creating. They are teasers because, for the moment at least, they won't be going up on Etsy: they are part of my inventory for the upcoming craft show in September. If they don't sell at the show, they will eventually find their way to Etsy though if it's any consolation.

This is a pair of leather & sterling silver blade hoops with freshwater pearl dangles. I have another set I made which are a more deeper, saturated blue. I'm not sure which look I prefer. This set looks more earthy but the darker ones are more striking. The leather portion is about 2" wide and overall each earring is about 2.5" long so they are not for the timid.

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  1. sorry to comment twice but these just grabbed my attention .These are just gorgeous!


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