Sunday, June 20, 2010

Anatomical Heart Cuff

This is another teaser image of a piece I'll be selling at the show. It features multiple layers with the uppermost having a focal of an anatomical heart. The layers are secured to each other with domed rivets which I've scuffed and dented for a more well-worn look. The next version I make though will have a different spacing for the rivets, I feel the distance and arrangement of them on this one are not quite cohesive. The leather of the main cuff has also been distressed. This is the first time I've really experimented with distressing leather and I'm very fond of the results. I've also made a few simpler cuffs featuring both round and pyramid spots that I've distressed somewhat.

I was inspired to attempt the process by a gorgeous cuff featuring a large flaming heart milagro I purchased from Urban Boutique. She was successfully able to age her metal spots to harmonize with the genuinely worn milagro. They seem like they were submerged in a shipwreck or buried in the earth for several decades with their accumulation of grime and patina. I have not quite gotten to that stage but I will have to look into some other antiquing methods.

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