About Phée

phée (fā) - adjective
1. strange, otherworldly, enchanted, liminal, having visionary power, whimsical
2. of or related to: faery/faerie/fairy/pharie
3. doomed, fated to die

Related words: French fée, Scottish fey, and the English fay and fae.
Etymology: unconventional spelling is derived from the conspicuous elements present in the artist's full name: "ph" originates with the last name, while the "ée" is from the first name.

Phée Adornments is the name I've chosen to represent my various crafty endeavors including, but certainly not limited to, jewelry-making, leathercraft, bead embroidery, kumihimo, etc. It also encompasses my ACEO (Art Cards Originals & Editions) creations and other art pieces.

My work is inspired by my many interests including: Nature, mythology, the realm of Faery, tattoos, bellydance, and early American gravestone art. I design and handcraft each and every one of my offerings - I do not use patterns from other artists, so each piece is truly unique.
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