Saturday, September 26, 2009

No Postage Required · Leather, Sterling Silver Earrings

Maybe they're love letters, notes from a long-lost friend, or birthday cards from a relative. (Then again these little envelopes may just contain your latest credit card statements, but I'd like to think they're too whimsical for that purpose!) We'll never know for sure, but they contain the potential to symbolize any sort of mail that you might wish to send or receive.

Each miniature, sealed envelope was carved out of vegetable-tanned leather and then subtly stained. They dangle along with olivine freshwater pearls and two different kinds of chain from hand-crafted ear hooks of sterling silver.

measurements • envelopes are approximately 0.875"(2.2cm) long by 0.5"(1.3cm) wide; they dangle about 1.5"(3.8cm) from below the ear hook (not including the chains)

materials • hand-carved and stained leather; sterling silver wire & chain; freshwater pearls


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