Monday, January 28, 2013

A Winter Blessing

The All-Seeing Eye brooch has been completed and is now available in the shop. I'm really pleased with the layered look and all the media I got to incorporate into it. This was the first time I used the blanket stitch on a larger scale, really putting the final seal on it and making it a pleasant little packet that feels good resting in the hand, which I think is a good trait in an amulet.

I also added a new necklace to the shop with a more seasonal vibe: Winter Blessing Necklace. I subtitled it on Etsy as both "rustic" and "runic" because the birch bark texture, hand-stitched detail, and warm red felt lend it a bit of a Scandinavian cabin aesthetic and a bindrune forms the main graphic element. I designed and crafted three of these pieces for the Winter Solstice/Yule and gave two of them as gifts to dear friends, but I decided to offer up the last one for sale. Although all of my work is infused with care and intention and I enjoy working with symbols and esoteric themes, this is the first specifically charged, magical creation I've offered in my shop (it will likely not be the last though). It's not as technically complex as some other pieces I've made, but it has that extra charm that comes with a piece of this nature. You can read more about the purpose and elements of this talisman in the Etsy description.

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